About the author and comtact me.

Ever since I was a child, Iíve been fascinated with flight. Starting with
 Paper airplanes, I got involved with balsa wood gliders, static aircraft models
 And control line gas models. For some reason, I never got to radio controlled
 aircraft. After college and a four-year hitch in the army during the Vietnam
 Era, I put model aircraft aside to raise a family and pursue a career as a
 radiology technologist and later, as a cardiac technologist.

 During my allied health career, I got very interested in computers and thus I
 found that path led to flight simulation. I got my first experience in flight
 simulation with Microsoftís Flight Simulator version 3. Iíve been flying the
 simulator ever since. It wasnít until early 2002 that I got into scenery

 design, but it was for my own pleasure. With the encouragement of family
 and friends and some of the designers I had corresponded with, I published
 my first design in December 2002.

 Now that I am retired, I spend my time working occasionally as a cardiac
 technologist, traveling (mostly by car nowadays) and generally enjoying life,
 And oh yes, designing scenery and aircraft for Microsoftís Flight Simulator.

 My earliest aircraft was released December 3, 2004 to my website. Though I enjoy designing aircraft, I find scenery is much easier. Whether itís aircraft or scenery, itís been fun
all the way.

 John B. Loney, Jr.
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